The building blocks of a rejuvenated CSI

October 28, 2021

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The CSI Honolulu Chapter is excited to unveil the new CSI logo and colors. We're really pleased with the work done by CSI on the creation of the logo and the accompanying brand guide. 

Peter Kray sums up CSI's New Vision and New Logo in this article

New Vision 
CSI’s new vision represents the organization’s three strategic directions: Building a community of belonging, being a center for innovation, and elevating the profession.

  • Building a community of belonging. For CSI and the industry to grow, CSI needs growth from groups of people who have not traditionally been part of this field or CSI. Addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the industry will make the profession more agile, responsive, innovative, and sustainable.
  • Being a center for innovation. CSI will continue its work as a leading resource for everyone working to create the built environment. This includes leveraging research and thought leadership through the CSI Foundation, ensuring members have state-of-the-art building information and project delivery knowledge, further integrating CSI-developed standards like MasterFormat®, Uniformat®, and OmniClass®, into design and construction software (via platforms like Crosswalk®), rejuvenating standards development, and rethinking traditional roles.
  • Elevating the profession. CSI’s renewed vision includes raising the skills, profile, and professional development of CSI members through learning and certification.

New Logo 
CSI’s new, abstract graphic illustrates the dynamic process of the construction industry. It is bold, contemporary, and focused on the future of CSI and its important role in the built environment. The red building block denotes the warmth of community, the open and inclusive CSI its leaders envision at the national, regional, and local levels. The image of an abstract book symbolizes the knowledge and information that is the core of CSI. The blue symbol represents the potential of elevating the profession, reaching for the sky and looking toward the future.

Living on a small chain of islands where everyone knows everyone, the new focus on Community is such a great fit and goes perfectly with our PBX show with it's tagline "Where the construction & design industries come together"!

Want to hear more? Watch the unveiling with CSI CEO, Mark Dorsey, FASAE and CSI Board Chair, Marvin Kemp, FCSI

The Honolulu Chapter is pleased to be able to integrate the new logo and colors on our website and associated collateral. We hope you like it!

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